Privacy Podcast 6 and notes

Privacy Podcast 6 and notes

14 August 2020

Reimagining privacy or Privacy 2.0

The Office of the PC – how are they dealing with this?

Privacy 2.0 is about taking the opportunity for a reboot and assess the regulatory model. 4-5 new policy initiatives arising from the new Privacy Act 2020:

  1. Mandatory privacy breach reporting
  2. Compliance Notices
  3. Access determinations
  4. New offences
  5. Extraterritoriality provisions

We could have taken these and bolted them onto what is already being done.  Instead, the Office of the PC undertook a holistic review by reviewing how the Office of the PC does things.

The Office of the PC has to reassess its role in an economy and a society that has vastly changed in the last 25 years

  • Moving at the speed of the digital economy
  • Responding in a way that gives people timely information about their obligations and their rights
  • Reassessing a regulatory model and making the most of those tools to transform the business of the Office of the PC, and maximise its impact and influence on New Zealanders

The Office of the PC deals with:

  • Complaints investigation
  • Underserved communities across the economy deserve more attention
  • Improving channels between internal teams and responding in a way that serves the biggest impact
  • New teams might join the Office of the PC – compliance and monitoring – identify areas where compliance tools need to be deployed
  • Development of collateral relevant to specific sectors
  • Social media channels to distribute materials to agencies
  • Free learning materials on the Office of the PC website (online modules) for agencies – no excuse for agencies not to be able to meet their privacy obligations

Watershed year for privacy in NZ in 2020

  • Contact tracing apps and contact tracing technologies – expose new risks
  • Increased consumer availability of sophisticated and intrusive technologies
  • The future of privacy remains busy and dynamic
  • Developing regulatory regimes globally – policymakers in NZ need to keep an eye on those
  • Some agility with the new Act to now keep abreast of changes moving forward


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