Services For New Businesses

Planning for Success

Every business starts with a good idea and good intentions. Ensure you have all the ingredients for a successful business by using NZBT to help get you underway


There is much more to operating a successful business than just having a good idea or being good at providing a specific service. NZBT provides a range of training services for new and aspiring business owners and their team to ensure you understand the basics of how to build a successful business


Perhaps the most important part of a business and yet often the most overlooked. NZBTs team can provide you all the tools you need to ensure you know how to get paid.

Privacy and Data Security

The Digital age is here and Aotearoa's answer is the Privacy Act 2020. Ensure you understand you obligations and have the tools to keep your data secure.

Branding and Marketing

Another essential part of having a business is being sure that your customers can find you. Let the tam at NZBT help you get underway with their Brand Identity Solutions.

Policy Documents and Contracts

Everyone complains about it, but all the best business rely on it. Let NZBT help ensure you have all the Policies, Procedures and other Contract Agreements that you need for every situation.