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Have a water-tight framework for healthy, fair, and strong relationships with your clients

Terms & Conditions of Business

At NZBT, we believe business relationships that start out as ‘blind dates’ or begin with ‘handshake agreements’ can leave you unprotected and vulnerable if things go wrong. That’s why we created our comprehensive Terms and Conditions services to ensure your business proceedings remain clear-cut at all times.

Providing Your Business With a Water-Tight Framework

Terms and Conditions, also known as Terms of Trade, Terms of Service, or Trading Terms and Conditions, can support your business by establishing clear legal relationships with your customers. 

If you’re looking to form healthy, fair, and strong bonds with your clients, it’s vital to have effective Terms and Conditions to ensure obligations are upheld on both sides. These terms need to be comprehensive and up-to-date, especially if you offer credit for goods or services. Research has shown that this will mean fewer bad debts and disputes.

Get Off on the Right Foot

Robust Terms and Conditions align expectations from the start, so everyone knows exactly where they stand on their obligations, rights, roles, and responsibilities. This, alongside a comprehensive credit policy, will safeguard your business when you have security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), and may even reduce the need for

Far-reaching Financial Savings

If you’re struggling to understand how to write Terms and Conditions for your business, our team is here to help. We can provide you with a practical, easy-to-understand Terms and Conditions template for your NZ business that is specific to your industry and will:

Comprehensive Legal Cover

The Terms and Conditions we provide you will also provide your business with comprehensive legal cover. This encompasses a range of different regulations and acts, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to know more about our Terms and Conditions services and how we can help your business? Consult our FAQ section below or head over to our contact page to discuss any other queries with our team today!

Terms and Conditions (also known as terms of service) are written agreements between a business/service provider and their customers/users. Their purpose is to let people know the rules, regulations, and expectations that must be adhered to when they engage with your business/service.

The exact information needed in your Terms and Conditions depends on the type of business you are running. Common information typically includes:

  • The rights and responsibilities of both the consumer and the service provider
  • Prohibited practice clauses
  • Intellectual property clauses
  • A limitation of liability
  • A privacy policy
  • What happens if the Terms and Conditions are breached

While it’s not necessary to have Terms and Conditions for your business, they are an incredibly useful agreement to have. Terms and Conditions give you the ability to set out clear rules between you and your customers, allowing you to maintain complete control over your business and its proceedings.


For sole traders and small or simple businesses


For medium-sized businesses with some complexity


For national associations, franchisors, complex businesses, and businesses with subsidiaries

Custom Packages

Combine Terms & Conditions of Service with any of our other services to create your own tailored solution to suit your business.

Subscription Packages

All of our Terms of Trade are available as part of our Subscription Packages. Choose from our extensive Credit Management and Privacy packages or ask us to tailor a package specifically for your business.

Why do I need Terms of Trade?

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There is a direct link between business success and having an effective Credit Management Policy.

If your business has effective Terms of Trade you are already well on the way to success.

Regularly, businesses undertake work based on verbal or handshake agreements, which if things go wrong can leave the business and the business owner unprotected and vulnerable. Every business offering credit for the supply of Goods or Services should have a robust, compliant and customised Terms of Trade in place to protect and safeguard itself.

In these difficult times, businesses should be utilising Credit Management processes, to better protect themselves, much more than they currently are. This is especially true in regard to, having a robust and compliant Terms of Trade in place, alongside a comprehensive credit policy, to protect and safeguard the business around the areas of, e.g. the P.P.S.A. (making yourselves secured creditors), elements around the recent Privacy legislation changes, passing on debt collection costs, default listing of defaulting clients etc, are all only possible when utilised in conjunction with your client accepting your Terms of Trade.

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