Privacy Policy Drafting Services

All agencies that handle personal information need to have internal and external privacy policies, or advice in place.

If your agency or business is responsible for handling personal information, it’s important to ensure you have internal and external privacy policies in place. At NZBT, our comprehensive privacy policy service can help your Privacy Officer manage your business processes as well as the expectations of your staff and clients.

What is a Privacy Policy?

In New Zealand, privacy policies can be categorised as either internal or external. The internal policies help to define company processes, allowing your staff to ensure that they correctly uphold the privacy rights of your clients and employees.

The external policy, also known as a privacy notice or privacy statement, is about being transparent with customers about how your agency collects, uses and protects their personal information. 

To ensure everyone who engages with your business operations fully understands these policies, it is imperative they remain simple, engaging, and easy to comprehend.

What Are the Benefits of a Tailored Privacy Policy?

At first, it may seem wise to simply borrow a boilerplate website privacy policy from other agencies or procure a basic privacy policy template for your NZ business online. However, when it comes down to what your business really needs, these blanket policies are unlikely to deliver. 

This is because they won’t be specific or personalised enough to actually mean anything to your staff or customers. More importantly, as agencies across Aotearoa New Zealand continue to strive towards maintaining accountability and building trust with their clients, external privacy policies are becoming vital for business success.

Get Your Company’s Privacy Policy Sorted Today

Protect your business, your staff, and your clients by getting your tailored privacy policy sorted with NZBT. We are committed to providing our clients with the best privacy policy service we can offer. 

We’ve drafted privacy policies and notices for countless agencies, and we take pride in making them creative and engaging while also ensuring they meet our clients’ exact legal obligations. We believe our tailored policies inject some fresh thinking into what can often be a stale compliance approach.

Get in touch with our team today and get the help you need to create the perfect privacy policy for your agency.

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