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In-House Training Solutions – Tailored to your business and industry

NZBT can provide bespoke, hands on, in-house training solutions that are tailored specifically for your business and your industry. Train as many staff as you need, where and when you need to. Suitable for larger organizations that want to.  Our Tailored In-house workshops offer you a customised training solution focused totally on your business and tailored to meet the individual needs and objectives of your team.

Training for New Zealand Businesses

All of our training solutions are designed and proven in New Zealand. Real solutions for the reals issues NZ businesses face.


All of our training starts with an analysis to determine outcomes and gain an understanding of our clients and the workplace scenarios they encounter.

Programme Design

Next we adapt our proven training programme to a format specifically to achieve the desired and required outcomes.


Interactive workshops complete with course notes and material for future use or reference.


Following each workshop, a report will be provided with observations from the facilitator and feedback from participants.


Facilitator with a whiteboard pen leading a business training session for NZBT.

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Some Of Our Courses and Workshops

Introduction to Credit Management

For anyone new to credit management or running a business. Gain a firm understanding of the principles of credit management, including assessing customer creditworthiness, monitoring credit, and handling late payments.

Credit Checks and Reporting

Learn how to make informed business decisions and mitigate risk with up-to-date risk profiles of companies you are looking at getting involved with.

Privacy Fundamentals

For all employees. Understand the importance of privacy and the basic principles of privacy protection, including an overview of privacy laws and regulations

Credit and Collections

For finance and credit professionals. Learn effective strategies for collecting payments and managing customer relationships.

Privacy in HR

: For HR professionals. Understand the privacy considerations when handling employee data, from recruitment through to termination.

Data Handling

For all employees handling personal data. Learn how to handle, store, and transmit personal data safely to prevent privacy breaches.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

For finance, risk, and security professionals. Understand common types of fraud in credit management, learn to spot red flags, and develop strategies to prevent fraud

Privacy Breach Response:

For IT and security professionals, and management. Learn how to respond effectively to a privacy breach, including containment, investigation, notification, and prevention of future breaches.

Privacy Impact Assessments

For project managers and decision-makers. Learn how to conduct a privacy impact assessment to identify and mitigate privacy risks in new projects or initiatives.

Privacy for IT Professionals

For IT and security professionals. Dive into the technical aspects of privacy, including encryption, anonymization, and privacy by design.

Privacy for Health Professionals

Dive into the specific privacy requirements for health information, including consent, access, correction, and secure transfer of health data.

• GDPR and International Privacy Laws

For legal, compliance, and data handling professionals. Understand the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other international privacy laws, and how to comply with them.

Data Security Basics

: For all employees. Learn about data security principles, why it's important, and how to follow best practices in your daily work.
A Privacy Officer investigating compliance issues

Privacy Officer Training

For designated privacy officers or those in a similar role. Learn how to manage an organization's privacy program, including developing policies, conducting privacy training, managing privacy risks, and responding to privacy breaches.
Privacy and Data Security - Protecting Sensitive Information in the Digital Age

Data Privacy Training

: For all employees. Understand your responsibilities in keeping personal data safe under privacy laws and regulations.
Privacy Compliance Services by NZBT

Advanced Data Security

For IT and security professionals. Dive deeper into data security topics, including encryption, secure network design, and advanced threat detection.

Incident Response Training

For IT and security professionals. Learn to manage and respond to security incidents to minimize damage and recovery time.



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