Credit Management Toolbox

Get started with Terms of Trade or finish with our Debt Recovery options, our Credit Management Toolbox has everything you need to manage your finances effectively

Credit Control

Credit Policies and Procedures to ensure customers pay their bills. We provide you with strategies and tools to manage your receivables effectively.

Terms of Trade

Establish the Terms and Conditions under which your business will be conducted. Our experts guide you in setting clear terms to ensure smooth business transactions.

Credit Checks

Assess your potential clients to assess creditworthiness, before you give them credit. Use our tools and services to make informed decisions.


Use the PPSR to become a Secured Creditor and protect your business interests.

Ledger Managment

Keep your accounts receivable under control with our ledger management services. Our simplest solution to improve your cashflow.

Debt Recovery

We provide you with strategies and tools to manage your receivables effectively.

Trade Credit Insurance

Did you know you can insure you accounts recieveable? Ask us how.

USe NZBT's Credit Management Toolbox to reduce your Credit Risk


Training for newbies or comprehensive Credit and Collections training for experienced Credit Managers.

Keys to Success: NZBT's Training Services

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