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The Privacy Act 2020 governs the collecting, holding, and sharing of personal information, outlining different rules for specific industries and issuing severe penalties for non-compliance and privacy breaches. At NZBT, we understand the complexities of privacy compliance. With the Privacy Act 2020 in place, businesses are required to adhere to a set of principles that govern the collection, storage, and use of personal information. Non-compliance can result in severe penalties, and that’s where we come in.

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Utilising our resources, services, and training, you can sleep easy, assured that you’ve got things right and safe from the risk of legal exposure.

Stay On Top of Data Privacy Laws and Compliance

If your New Zealand business oversees the collection and holding of other people’s personal information, it’s important to make sure you abide by the principles set out in the Privacy Act 2020. Doing so can help you avoid breaches and keep you clear of trouble. Our privacy services can help you adhere to this act by providing you with a number of different solutions, including:

What is the Role of a Privacy Compliance Officer?

In Aotearoa New Zealand, it is a legal obligation to appoint a privacy officer, also known as a privacy compliance officer, to oversee business practices for organisations handling personal information. A privacy officer’s duties include:

What Do the Privacy Principles Regulate in New Zealand?

The 13 privacy principles outlined in the Privacy Act 2020. These principles regulate how organisations are required to collect, hold, and use personal information. This includes

How NZBT Can Help Your Business

Utilising our resources, services, and training, you can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything right to keep your business safe from the risk of legal action. We provide privacy documentation, health checks, impact assessments, and remote privacy officers to help you meet your obligations and legal requirements. 

Here’s what our privacy compliance solutions can do for you:

Credit writing policy

Privacy Policy writing

Our privacy policy writing service will give you a user-friendly policy that clearly outlines the personal information you collect. This policy will detail how this information is used, including your company’s procedures for addressing any privacy data breaches.

Website Terms of Use writing

Website Terms of Use Writing

We’ll produce a legally-compliant and binding contract for your website. This will govern the management of personal information entered by users on your site.

Credit Health Checklist

Privacy Health Check/Audit

We’ll explore each part of your internal processes and practices with a fine-tooth comb. This will help us to ascertain whether or not your business is complying with the Privacy Act 2020.



We offer tailored training, workshops, and consultancy to give you and your staff the privacy knowledge and skills you need. This will help you to implement and maintain effective privacy practices compliant with the Privacy Act.

Privacy Impact

Privacy Impact Assessment

We’ll carry out a thorough investigation through a privacy impact assessment. This will help you to identify and manage any privacy risks for new projects, systems, processes, strategies, policies, and business relationships.

Remote Privacy Officer Service

Let us provide an outsourced privacy officer for you and your team. A remote privacy officer can save you the time and expense of training and holding internal staff to fulfil this role.


Privacy Compliance Management

This is a subscription package where we take care of your privacy compliance hands-on. Our privacy compliance management will leave you free and confident to get on with your core business activities.

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