Case Studies

Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients

Peace of mind – being 'right and tight'

Bio Leaf Plant Nutrients supply plant growers with various liquid fertilisers and premium potting mixes.

Greg & Lyn Barnes, the owners of the business, knew about the serious legal and financial risks associated with privacy, terms of trade, and credit management – but they didn’t have the resources to cover this adequately.

It wasn't enough

“We knew we had to get our business privacy and terms & conditions right on our website for legal compliance and peace of mind. We tried to write our own versions of the documents, and because we did not have the required skill set, we knew that the documents were not fit for purpose.

Some small businesses use generic forms such as Shopify’s, but they don’t fit New Zealand laws, so that can leave them open to risk. Others use ‘cookie cutter’ templates, which aren’t sufficient.”

No stone unturned – all the issues covered

“Alex from NZBT gave a presentation at our business mentoring group, and we liked what he was saying and later approached NZBT.
They took the time to understand our business so they could produce documents that fitted with our requirements.

The documents included:

• Terms & conditions of trade
• Privacy policy
• Credit application forms
• Internal staff privacy form
• Plus listing on the Personal Property Securities Register

After reading the first draft, we had peace of mind because all the aspects of the legal requirements were covered. NZBT did several revisions of the documents until we were happy with the final draught.

They were very thorough and professional in producing a set of quality documents.”

Seamless and painless

“The process with NZBT only took a few hours, instead of a few months, had we tried to rewrite them ourselves (and then there would have been holes leaving us exposed).

Working with Alex was a pleasant experience because his communication and commitment were excellent, and he provided good advice throughout the process.

They fulfilled the words of the proverb that says, “Your product is only as good as your service.”

Assurance of a supportive relationship

“There’s only so much you can do as a small business owner, so it was reassuring to have NZBT’s expert resources to call on to cover the gaps.

NZBT has been great to deal with, and we have built a good working relationship with them. It’s reassuring to know that we can always contact Alex for any situations that may arise.”