Case Studies

Your Kitchen Ltd (Mastercraft Wellington)

A security blanket always there for us

Your Kitchen Ltd (Mastercraft Wellington) design, manufacture, and install kitchen solutions – customised to clients’ living, cooking, and entertaining styles to create spaces where “moments are made”.

Despite operating for 20 years without being seriously burnt by client failures, Sue Hawes, co-owner of the business, saw a critical need to revamp their legal documents.

She tells us where they’ve got to…

Not-so-good introduction to the industry

“I developed an instinct over the years to spot clients who are in financial trouble by their language and manner, but had limited means to deal with it. I knew our business documents needed major work to make them legally effective, and it was way overdue. We’d managed to get by for a long time luckily, but we needed to cover ourselves.

I started looking into one credit management company, but they failed to get back to my queries and seemed to have a sense of entitlement to my business. In my frustration, I asked around our Mastercraft family to see who they dealt with, and New Zealand Business Tools was recommended.”

Progress at last

“I called NZBT, and told Joe about our needs. He came up to see us and explained a lot of things, as we talked back and forth to work out what was required.

The first items were our Terms & Conditions and New Client Information forms. Then we looked at our Residential Trade Contract and liability insurance. I thought Joe must be quite horrified by the state of our documents and unregistered security interests, but he was good about it.

In due course, they covered everything off and we finally had a proper protection framework on our business.”

They’ve got our backs

“Service has always been very important to me wherever I go, not just buying products. NZBT always come back to me straight away when I email or call them, and they’re always so helpful.

They’ve done a few credit checks for us, and proactively called us when one of our clients went under.

We just don’t have the knowledge and experience ourselves, so it’s great being able to call on their expertise for any issues that arise. They’re like a safety net in the background, always taking care of us.”