Case Studies

Phoenix Rogue

Complete confidence in water-tight protection

Phoenix Rogue is a new creative agency that brings life and energy to products by creating memorable, multi-sensory, packaging.

Cory Carr, a co-founder, talks about how NZBT helped them to set their company up for success by putting the right protections in place.

Hard realities

“We were doing a small business management course which included various speakers, one of whom was Steve Conti from NZBT. He spoke to us about preventing loss in business and one of the best ways to do this being with a Terms of Trade Agreement.

Steve’s presentation was very insightful, and even confronting. He shared some hard stories, such as one company that lost equipment on a building site because the property owner went into receivership, and there was nothing they could do!

Looking around for a DIY solution

“I went to Google to find templates to put together our terms of trade, but what I found didn’t look great, and I couldn’t find much help. We also looked at competitors’ terms of trade and saw flaws.”

New confidence

“We decided to go with Steve and NZBT because we knew they knew what they were doing and we would end up with robust Terms of Trade for our business.”

He asked all sorts of questions about our business from quoting, invoicing, payment terms, IP, to timelines. Steve and the team produced a draft Terms of Trade for review, and we made some changes to the wording to suit our industry.

He was flexible about this, but in some cases explained why clauses and wording had to remain as they were for critical reasons. We came to have complete confidence in his judgement on this because he is very knowledgeable.

He clarified all the legal jargon for us and explained it in everyday language, so now I really understand it.”

Robust documents

“As a design business, IP and copyright are important to us, so we gave due attention to that. Also, as a designer, I wanted to modify the look of documents, but it wasn’t a problem because NZBT had InDesign software that I also use.

What Steve gave us included a form for overdue payments, a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions for our website, and a Client Information form. They also set us up on the Personal Property Securities Register.

The documents are more robust than I expected, with a lot of detail to provide water-tight protection.”

Seamless follow-up

“NZBT have been very accommodating to our needs, providing great support since doing the work. They are a seamless team, and when I couldn’t get hold of Steve, Joe was able to help me.”

Fair and healthy relationships

“We’ve always wanted to have fair and healthy relationships with clients. This has been made possible by Steve and the NZBT team.

Overall, NZBT has been great, and I definitely recommend them.”